February 2019 Letter from the Pastor

We are trusting God to act in new ways this coming year! We will be working with “Get Their Name” to have a new thrust on evangelism. We will be looking at this during Lent (March to mid-April), but also more comprehensively, later in this year, in October.

During February, we plan to look at missions and how God’s ways may not always look to be very “successful.” We will be looling at character issues and also at an example of how Paul shared the “good news” of the gospel in a most unlikely situation, giving us a model to follow.

During Lent, we plan to look at the Confession. This is the confession of our faith: what we christians believe, and what is central to our faith and life. We will be looking at the earliest attempt of the church to put together the basics of the faith. What do we believe about God, about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the communion of the saints, the forgiveness of sins and thes resurrection of the body. Each Sunday we will have a chance to remind ourselves of our core beliefs, the distinctives, and the power of those beliefs to transform our lives.

My grandson is growing, and it is astonishing to watch. He is a little over two years old. But he doesn’t look like that little pointy headed kid that was at birth. Nor does he look like that round faced kid that refused to walk, and would merely scoot from place to place. He could scoot fast too, with his little legs crossed under him and his upright torso, wearing through every pair of pants he could. Then, suddenly he started to walk. I can almost understand his talking too! He can make sense, he can be understood, he can sing. Where did it all come from?

His mom and dad poured their love into his life. They showed him again and again: how to read, how to be polite, how to be brave, how to try new things, how to be pleasant, how to say thank you, how to forgive, how to make up, how to show affection, how to come back for love and go out again. And we learn too. In our walk with God. As we let God pour his love into our lives through our study, worship, mistakes, faithfulnss, courage, failures and joys. Keep growing.

   August 2019   
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