What to Expect

Visiting a new church, or re-connecting after a long while, can be an uncomfortable, and often confusing, experience.  We'll work hard to make you feel welcome and to make your worship experience fulfilling.  Here are answers to a few questions that may help you decide whether to come for a visit.

What kind of church are you?
Mayville UMC is part of the larger United Methodist denomination.  Each of our members and visitors are on a faith journey of some sort.  Many are mature in their faith while others are just beginning that journey.  We know that God meets us wherever we are on that journey.

What music do you play or sing?
Our service includes both hymns from the Methodist Hymnal or from the more contemporary Faith We Sing accompanied by the organ.  We also include some contemporary songs in the beginning of the service.  The adult choir sings anthems occasionally during the service and the Bell Choir also provides another method of musical worship.

What should I wear?
It doesn't matter, and God doesn't care.  You are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.  Jacket and tie, a dress, a pant-suit, your favorite team jersey, cargo pants, and flip-flops.

Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?
No.  Understanding that this makes most folks uncomfortable, we don't ask visitors to introduce themselves during the worship service.

Do I have to become a member of the church?
Only if you want to.

If you celebrate communion do I have to partake?
We celebrate communion the first Sunday of the month as part of the worship service.  The Methodist Church has an open communion tradition in which anyone who seeks to be in relationship with God is welcome at the table, but if you'd rather not receive communion, that's fine.

Can I bring kids to the service?
Yes, infants and kids of all ages are welcome.  For the younger children there is a Children's Sermon with the pastor, early in the service, and the kids are then dismissed to go to Sunday School, or they can return to be with the adults.  There is also Nursery for infants during our Sunday School time.

Does your service include Bible readings?
Yes, there is normally at least one reading from the old testament and one from the New Testament.  There is also a joint reading at the beginning of the service, usually from Psalms.